AED Cabinet - secure public access defibrillator
  • Access by Intercom, Keycode or unlocked
  • Secure, alarmed - optional Security Camera
  • Weatherproof, Climate Controlled
  • Compatible with leading AED brands
  • Remote Monitoring, scalable to 100s of Cabinets
  • Battery Backup, Solar Option
  • 2 Year Warranty
Aero Healthcare's AED cabinet is highly secure yet easy to use in an emergency - the perfect public access defibrillator solution for public spaces such as parks, clubs and train stations, and to allow peace of mind for residents in private communal spaces such as apartments and offices.

This strong and durable AED cabinet has climate control technology that allows it to be installed indoors or outdoors, protecting the AED unit to -20 degrees celsius and up to 95% humidity. The Aero Healthcare AED Cabinet is rated to IP54, protecting the Cabinet and Defibrillator from dust, wind and rain. The cabinet automatically illuminates the AED compartment when it detects low-light conditions - making it the perfect solution for any location.

Aero Healthcare's AED cabinet can be monitored remotely at any time, allowing you to check the Cabinet systems, access any security camera footage and check the status of the Defibrillator through an optical sensor.

Emergency access to your Defibrillator Cabinet will be built dependent on your security needs. The cabinet can be secured with either:

  • access requested over the Intercom and unlocked remotely
  • access requested over the Intercom, with a 4 digit keycode given to unlock the cabinet
  • access available only to those who know the 4 digit keycode (no Intercom)
  • access available to everyone

As soon as the Cabinet is opened, an alarm is triggered in the cabinet alerting people nearby, while the cabinet alerts your staff remotely and the optional security camera records the person accessing the cabinet.

The intercom and monitoring systems operate via standard SIM cards, allowing you to access the AED Cabinet remotely from any location over mobile networks, and giving you the convenience of placing the AED Cabinet where ever there is accessible power - or via our optional standalone solar power solution for remote locations. An optional GPS unit can be installed to track the AED Cabinet when installed on boats, trains and airplanes for ease of locating your AED for ease of maintenance, asset tracking and to aid in an emergency situation. All communications are routed through our central servers, making installation simple and allowing you to easily manage any number of AED cabinets.

The AED Cabinet's status can also be monitored from the LED readout on the unit itself, making it simple for building managers and maintenance staff to check on the AED Cabinet as part of their daily work routine. The cabinet can be opened by an RFID badge without alarms, allowing your staff access for maintenance purposes.

The Aero Healthcare AED Cabinet is built to be compatible with a wide range of popular defibrillators and our own range of Heartsine Samaritan Defibrillators.
For the best AED Cabinet solution to meet your needs, contact our sales team now for more information on 1800 628 881 or via our online form.

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