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HNE Technolgie GMBH, based outside Munich in Germany, developed the first generation compressed air foam systems ["CAFS"] as portable and mobile fire fighting units in 1996. Since then it has recently produced a second generation "Vario" range of fire fighting equipment and the equipment is now sets world's best practice in rapid response fire fighting

The critical CAFS technology relates to [1] the high pressure generation of bubbles from expanded solution which is then [2] propelled as far as possible continuously. The optimisation of bubbles allows air pockets to absorb heat and drop temperatures dramatically. The long range propulsion provides not only maximum protection for the operator attacking the fire but also high precision penetration and quicker knockdown of the fire source.

As a result CAFS puts out fires in FIFTH of the time with a FIFTH of the water! [Source LACFD 2006]

The second generation Vario range now allow a switch from wet to dry foam production with the flick of a button and a quick rotation of the gun nozzle from jet stream to spray mist- providing maximum versatility on a range of differtent fires.

HNE FIRE products have now been adopted as world's best practice by most leading European Emergency Services and are also being used in Australia, Asia, Middle East, India and more recently have been shortlisted with US Defence.

If you are wanting the world's best possible rapid response fire fighting technology to protect people and property HNE Fire is the Global leader.

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