Public Access Defibrillator Copy

Sudden Cardiac Arrest kills over 200 young people every year.

Your school needs a simple-to-use Defibrillator! • Tells you how to use it, while you use it.
• Will only deliver a shock when it detects a shock is required.
• Tells you how to perform effective CPR based on real-time blood flow detection.

AEDs in Schools

Undetected arrhythmia affects 2% of young people.

Take action to protect them now!

It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere

Every Public Area should have access to an AED Defibrillator, preferably within 3 minutes walking distance. HeartSine have just the product for you, with low consumable costs over the life of the device.

Through industry specific distributors, we are able to offer you a tailored solution, and notify you in advance as to consumable expiry dates.

Facts and figures:

  • more than 80% of all cardiac deaths happen at home, in your spare time or at work.
  • In Austalia almost 30,000 people die of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) a year.
  • You are more likely to die of SCA than of Cancer
  • You are most likely to die of SCA outside an area of medical help
  • SCA strikes suddenly and time is of the essence
  • Every minute of delay reduces chance of survival by 10% - after 10 minutes it’s all over
  • Statistics show the average ambulance response time is above 12 minutes
  • Without effective CPR & defibrillation you have about 4 minutes before risk of irreversible damage or death
  • If there was a vaccine developed that was effective against  cancer, would you not buy it? Defibrillation and CPR is the only effective treatment for SCA
  • Do you have a fire extinguisher in your house or workplace? Nearly 30,000 Australians die from SCA each year - you are more likely to die of SCA than in a fire

Principle of defibrillation

The only solution is defibrillation. The device delivers a therapeutic shock to the heart which restores normal rhythm