This leading technology is vital for a range of industry sectors, which can be destroyed by fire;

  1. Rapid response knocks out fire incidents before they take hold and stop or destroy your business
  2. Ideal for businesses dealing in flammable materials or high speed 24/7 operations
  3. Safely addresses the "flee don't fight" conundrum
  4. Reduces risk to staff and property –improves vital response times by minutes
  5. Improved fire fighting capability and training regimes will put downward pressure on insurance costs
  6. Improves fire containment due to both precision knockout and foam spread
  7. Vario provides maximum versatility on a range of fire categories on the one site-paper, chem cals, structural
  8. Best protection for your operator safety due to its safe long range-a major oh&s issue
  9. Compatible with existing fire equipment inspections
  • Paper and printing operations- ideal for high speed machines and flammable paper and solvents
  • Timber mills-ideal protection for kilns, workshops, logyards and stock protection
  • Fibreglass and boat building- fast knockdown of flammable materials
  • Waste recycling- paper and plastic-ideal for rapid knockdown with deep penetration into heaps
  • Plastic extrusion-ideal standby fire unit for quick knockdown
  • Warehousing-reaches top pallet racks and roof without destroying stock through sprinklers
  • Hazchem storage- low cost fire and spill protection
  • Industrial laundries-ideal for dryers
  • Nursing homes without sprinklers-knockdown before Fire brigade arrives is vital as patients cannot flee in time
  • Power stations and smelters- ideal for emergency service teams

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