Heartsine defibrillators for the Police

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

 It’s becoming widely recognised that the best way to save lives is to have the right equipment at the right time in the right place.  The New South Wales police department is the latest organisation to recognise this fact, and to meet this need have announced that each of their eighty commands will now stock defibrillators as part of their first aid arsenal.

NSW Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, announced the addition to his force’s inventory by saying, ”the defibrillators will add a vital asset to each of the state’s eighty LACs, and will equip officers with greater safety equipment  in the case of an emergency.”

In announcing the decision, Scipione indicated that the department had given the nod to Australia’s industry leader, Aero Healthcare’s, line of defibrillators HeartSine.  HeartSine has been applying innovative solutions to life threatening scenarios since 1998.  In the decade that followed they have pioneered development on advanced mobile defibrillation technology, which takes the ability to save lives out of the hospital and into the field where it can do the most good.

The department becomes just the latest organisation to stock HeartSine models on the shelves of their first aid cabinets.  Indeed, Aero Healthcare’s line of quality, mobile medical devices is seeing use throughout North America and Europe.  Corporate giants like Germany’s BMW and American McDonald Corporation have all adopted the advanced technology, as have the United States Congress and the United States Secret Service.

Utilising the very best in proprietary technology, HeartSine offers superior design and superior protection in the daily fight to save lives.  To make sure that your organisation is fully equipped to handle the next medical emergency that suddenly unfolds in your waiting room, you need to talk to the experts at Aero Healthcare to find out which HeartSine product will make the most difference in that next life threatening situation.


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