Federation University to study Defibrillator use

Thursday, February 02, 2017

two lives saved

Federation University researchers will study medical emergency management and defibrillator use in sporting clubs, after the state government provided grants for 1000 defibrillators and training to be made available to Victorian sports clubs and facilities. The research itself is also the result of a Victorian Government grant.

Talking to Aero Healthcare, Federation University project manager Dr Lauren Fortington said "The research is aimed at understanding the defib program uptake and outcomes and changes to policy/practice at a community sports level. The project fits in with our team's broader implementation/translation research in community sports safety. This project, while focused on Victorian sports clubs, will no doubt have benefit to national, and international, discussion too."

The research team will also look at whether there are changes in the participants' confidence and preparedness for responding to medical emergencies.

"It is critical to look at the behavioural and organisational changes that take place in sports clubs to ensure that long term benefits from such programmes are realised," Dr Lauren Fortington said. "We will look at what the participants learn from the programme, and what they remember over time from their defibrillator use and CPR skills training."

The research will be conducted through FedUni’s Australian Collaboration for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention (ACRISP), one of only nine centres worldwide that are part of the International Olympic Committee medical research network for prevention of injury and protection of athlete health.

For more details see the Federation University grant announcement: FedUni to research medical emergency management in sporting clubs

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